Marburger Farm Dairy

Quality in the Bottle


Marburger Farm Dairy delivers milk, teas and cultured products to customers all over the Pittsburgh area. We produce fresh quality dairy products daily with employees on the clock twenty-four hours a day! We currently deliver to convenience stores, supermarkets, schools and other institutions. Perhaps one of our most unique features is that we still offer home delivery to many residential areas (contact us for more information).†††

1506 Mars Evans City Road

Evans City, PA 16033

Phone: 1-800-331-1295

††††††††††† (724) 538-4800

Fax: (724) 538-3250


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Picture of giant milk carton on the roof

Everyone should have a taste of our famous buttermilk! Even if you donít like to drink it by itself, it adds great flavor to many everyday recipes! Add a little to mashed potatoes or pancakes, and start looking here for recipes that include this age-old tasty† product.